Changing young perceptions of the construction industry

What’s the best way to showcase to young people the breadth of opportunities in our industry? Invite them to experience them for themselves, of course!

When Jamie Aramayo, a university graduate with a flair for marketing, asked us for some work experience, we set up a programme that showed him what working in the modern construction industry could be like. Here’s what he had to say.

What were your impressions of the construction industry before your time at Mabey Hire?

Having taken Engineering at GCSE level I had a vague understanding of basic engineering and construction themes and practices, however many gaps were left due to a lack of understanding when it came to ‘real life’ scenarios.

To me, the construction industry seemed to be an aging trade that required a very high level of technical knowledge.

Because of my perceived requirement for an extensive amount of technical knowledge, coupled with a shortage of educational/motivational programmes towards encouraging under 21 year olds to enter the world of construction, I thought the construction industry wasn’t for me.

What image came to mind when you thought of the construction industry?

The construction industry presents an image of being very organised and planned to perfection. Attention to detail is paramount and being punctual and on time is a necessity when delivering ‘X’ product or service.

Has that image changed since your time here?

The image hasn’t changed much following my time at Mabey Hire. However, I have learnt that although construction is planned a lot of the time, in many cases and certainly that of Mabey Hire, the industry demands the individual or company to be very reactive in some cases, especially in an emergency.

And what about your overall impression of the industry since your time at Mabey Hire?

I came to the realisation that construction is not all about manuscripts and technical documents.

The principles of business still apply and run through the core of the company and, while engineering is core to what they do, there are plenty of opportunities outside that career path.

Getting involved with the marketing team has given me an insight into how products and services are marketed to not only the consumer, but to other businesses and sub-contractors. Learning the ins and outs of marketing practice has shown me that there is a lot more to the construction industry than what meets the eye.

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