Investing in green future with new additions to truck fleet

Marking our continued commitment to safety and environmental responsibilities, we have upgraded our fleet of commercial vehicles, with four new Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks bringing our entire fleet up to current Euro 6 emission standards. 

The four new trucks have replaced older fleet and play an invaluable role in bringing our entire fleet up to current Euro 6 emission standards – critical as the construction industry, and society as a whole, looks to minimise pollutant emissions and improve air quality. As well as delivering a noticeably improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, the new vehicles also offer a range of safety enhancements and technological features, all designed to improve road safety standards for the driver, pedestrians and fellow road users. 

This significant investment marks the continuation of a five-year relationship and contract between us and Mercedes Benz. 

Speaking about the new fleet, Martin Binns, our Transport Manager said: “We’ve been upgrading our fleet and developing our use of safety systems hand in hand with Mercedes-Benz for the past five years. Safety is our number one priority. We want our trucks to be as safe as possible, not just for our drivers but for all other road users too.

“We also take our environmental responsibilities as a company very seriously. As well as taking steps to reduce our carbon output at our offices and depots across the UK, it’s just as important that we deliver this same approach to sustainability on the road. The new additions mark a significant investment by Mabey Hire into ensuring that we continue to uphold the three ESG principles of Environment, Social and Governance.”

The four Mercedes-Benz Actros 2535 rigids were delivered to us by Dealer Northside Truck & Van. Their 2.3-metre wide ClassicSpace M-cabs feature 320 mm engine tunnels which allow the floor, and therefore the driver’s seat, to be set lower and contribute to the vehicles’ four-star Direct Vision Standard rating. 

The trucks’ full complement of safety equipment includes Active Break Assist 5 autonomous braking, Lane Keeping Assist to help drivers stay on the straight and narrow, and Stability Control Assist, which mitigates against excessive rolling or pitching. MirrorCam cameras, fitted in place of traditional mirrors, increase forward as well as rearward visibility by removing the large blind spot. 

The new lorries form part of our wider commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, with plans to further reduce our scope one direct emissions by moving towards a hybrid and electric car fleet. We are also in the process of reviewing our fleet of forklifts, encompassing electric and biofuels possibilities.

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