Mabey Hire to supply solution for Port of Tilbury regeneration

GRAHAM call upon Mabey Hire to provide high quality frames for Port of Tilbury project

Temporary groundworks specialist Mabey Hire has today announced a deal with construction firm GRAHAM to design and supply approximately 300 tonnes of equipment for the much-needed expansion of The Port of Tilbury, Essex. The new port will enable an increased capacity to manage the growing number of exports and imports flowing through London’s major port.

Mabey Hire will supply two levels of Supershaft Plus (SSP), the four-way hydraulic bracing system, with Super Bracing Struts (SBS) to enable the formation of three new tanks at the docks for the attenuation of surface water prior to discharge.

As part of the works, GRAHAM needs to create three 70-metre long, 10-metre wide, 7-metre deep excavations which will hold the surface water. All excavation works must take place from existing ground level, as the soft clays underlying the port will not support an excavator within the dig. The scheme utilises three levels of framing - one permanent, two temporary - to ensure the steel sheet piled walls of the excavation remain stable during this process.

With three excavations planned overall, each requiring approximately 300 tonnes of equipment, Mabey has committed to supplying modular equipment that can be reused on each excavation. This will include the two levels of Supershaft Plus and two types of Super Bracing Struts - one with 400mm extensions and a 185-tonne hydraulic end unit, and one with 600mm extensions and a 350-tonne hydraulic end unit. This will give GRAHAM the tools it needs to undertake this complex project within the wider regeneration programme of the port.

Gordon MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Mabey Hire, said: "The regeneration of The Port of Tilbury is crucial for expanding the area’s import and export capacity. We’re delighted to be supporting GRAHAM to make this nationally significant infrastructure project possible."

The SuperShaft Plus is Mabey Hire’s most versatile framing system with bracing struts available to increase the lengths of an excavation.


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