Menopause: breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive society

Menopause is a topic that has long been a taboo, especially in the workplace, despite it being something that over half of the population experience. It’s time we normalise talking about it. 

It’s a natural stage in a woman’s life, and Menopause can have various physical and emotional affects. In fact, there are currently 88 symptoms that women suffer. From the common symptoms such as hot flushes, brain fog and anxiety, to the often-overlooked symptoms such as palpitations, painful joints and itchy skin. This can make it difficult for women to get a diagnosis, and therefore the help they need. 

At Mabey Hire, we’re not waiting around to be told we must do something. We’re doing it now because it’s the right thing to do. 

Menopause & Me group

We recently set up Menopause & Me, our very own group for both men and women. The aim of the group is to encourage open and non-judgemental conversations about menopause and provide a platform where employees can ask questions, share their experiences and seek advice in a safe space. 

World Menopause Day special event

On World Menopause Day (18th October 2023), we held our first special event to understand and discuss how we can accommodate the needs of individuals, including small adjustments to make people’s lives better. 

We kicked the day off with guest speaker Carrianne Lackie, a passionate Menopause Warrior. Nominated as a Person with Purpose in the Northern Power Women Awards 2022, Carianne is a regular speaker on BBC Breakfast, Sky and other media platforms, leading the way in advocating for menopause awareness. 

Carrianne opened with her personal experience with perimenopause, taking us through the symptoms she suffered and the difficulty she had with getting a diagnosis, even being told it’s “just something women of a certain age go through”. Despite perimenopause being the leading cause of suicide in women, there is a lack of funding and research, with GPs not receiving any training on menopause. With this lack of funding and research in women’s health, getting the support and treatment needed is very difficult, or even inaccessible to women on lower incomes. She is now pushing for medical research and funding for menopause and perimenopause. 

We were also joined on the day by Lorraine Sherrard, from Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors and a licensed Menopause Champion. Lorraine is working with us to help create a better supported workplace for those going through the stages of menopause. 

We’re already taking steps towards this, including creating our Menopause & Me group and making reasonable small adjustments where appropriate.  We will be creating a policy and guidelines document with the full input of the Menopause & Me group.  

Find out more about how we're supporting a fair and inclusive society here >

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