Trench Sheet Extractors

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What are Trench Sheet Extractors?

Our Trench Sheet Extractors are used for the safe and efficient removal of trench sheets. Some designs have the added health and safety benefit of being fitted with a secondary safety device which is independent of the main attachment point. The secondary safety chain helps to minimise the risks associated with incorrect attachment, damages or other failures and will not result in the trench sheet becoming detached from the extractor.

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Key benefits of Mabey Hire’s Trench Sheet Extractors

  • Available in a variety of sizes dependent on the thickness of the trench sheets
  • Enables the rapid removal of trench sheets
  • Maximum weight 24kg
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To suit sheet thickness
ColourSafety chain
Trench Sheet and Piling Extractor3T-EXT3Up to 1810.5YellowNo
Trench Sheet and Piling Extractor9T-EXT9Up to 2024BlackNo
Standard Trench Sheet ExtractorT/S-EXT5Up to 3.5512GreyNo
Standard Trench Sheet ExtractorM8/M12-EXT7Between 4 and 612BlueNo
Trench Sheet Extractor PlusT/S-EXT5Up to 3.5517GreyYes
Trench Sheet Extractor PlusM8/M12-EXT-SC7Between 4 and 617BlueYes
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More information

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Also available

Trench Sheets

Trench Sheets

Designed to cover a wide spread of uses in both temporary and permanent works.


Excavator Mounted Augers

Our Augers provide the perfect solution when driving into stiff ground conditions.




Universal trench sheet driving tool, eliminates the need for working at height.

Quick Release Shackles

Quick Release Shackles

For lighting single trench sheets or light piles into position prior to driving.



Excavator Mounted Vibrators

Our EMVs are suitable for driving and extracting a range of Mabey sheeting and piling.

Drive Caps

Drive Caps

Complete range for all trench sheets to protect the top during installation.

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