Computer-Controlled Hydraulic Jacking

Computer-Controlled Hydraulic Jacking

What is computer controlled hydraulic jacking?

Computer controlled hydraulic jacking systems offer the ability to make use of multiple input sensors – controlling lifting, lowering and positioning of heavy structures in order to minimise on-site risks during temporary works.

How does computer controlled hydraulic jacking work?

Mabey’s computer controlled hydraulic jacking capabilities are complemented by our advanced monitoring solutions. This gives us the ability to carefully monitor your structure, providing the information you need in real-time on LIVEsite, so you can quickly respond to changes with highly accurate computer controlled hydraulic jacking movements.

This system was used to ensure that the Docklands Light Railway could remain in use whilst tunnels were bored beneath the Canning Town Flyover.

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Key features and benefits

  • Remote data access - real-time data is available on LIVEsite
  • Flexible jacking systems - hydraulic pumps can control 4 to 8 lifting points
  • Intuitive user interface - provides easy set-up and control
  • Optimum safety - built in warning and stop alarms


  • Bridge lifting and repositioning
  • Bridge launching
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Incremental launching and box jacking
  • Lifting and lowering of heavy equipment
  • Lifting, lowering, levelling and weighing of heavy structures and buildings
  • Structural and pile testing
  • Lifting and weighing of oil platforms
  • Foundation levelling of onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • De-propping/load transfer from temporary steel work
  • Foundation shoring
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Talk to Mabey today to discuss your computer controlled hydraulic jacking needs.

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Also available:

Wireless Structural Monitoring

Wireless Structural Monitoring

The measurement of factors affecting a structure using sensors to transfer data wirelessly.


Wireless Load Monitoring

Wireless Load Monitoring - LIVEpin

The remote, continuous, measurement and analysis of axial load on our groundworks propping equipment.


Fixed Structural Monitoring

Fixed Structural Monitoring (DMS System)

A wired monitoring system that measures the dynamic movement of civil and geotechnical structures through 3D measurement.

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