Wireless Load Monitoring – LIVEpin

Wireless Load Monitoring – LIVEpin

What is wireless load monitoring?

Wireless load monitoring is the remote, continuous, measurement and analysis of axial load on our groundworks propping equipment.

Our wireless load monitoring system provides flexibility and is easy to operate, meaning site managers are able to quickly and effectively keep track of the prop’s performance.

Why is wireless load monitoring required?

In a large scale excavation environment, safety is the number one priority. Load monitoring on propping equipment gives you complete peace of mind that your project is secure. You’ll be quickly alerted to problems with the system, so you can take action when things start to change.

What is LIVEpin - Mabey's wireless load monitoring solution?

Our bespoke wireless load monitoring solution, LIVEpin, has been designed to work exclusively with Mabey excavation support systems, as part of our ongoing commitment to site safety. Mabey LIVEpin is a stainless steel pin that fits within Mabey propping equipment to measure the axial load on the system, providing constant, accurate, measurement of load and temperature. It feeds data back to LIVEsite and alerts you via email when a pre-set threshold is breached.

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Key features and benefits of Mabey LIVEpin

  • High load capacity - up to 3500kN
  • Exclusive Mabey product - for use within the Super Bracing Strut system
  • Precise measurements - accurate real-time load monitoring solution to within a tolerance of 2%
  • Advanced functionality - up to 500m transmission radius
  • Mabey innovation - developed in-house by our engineering development team
  • Instant, remote data access - data is instantly accessible on the secure Mabey LIVEsite


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Contact Mabey to discuss incorporating LIVEpin into your excavation support system.

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Also available:

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