Adjustable Props

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Adjustable Props

What are Adjustable Props?

Our range of Adjustable Props are designed for use on light duty propping projects. They are available in various sizes, are lightweight and height adjustable, giving maximum flexibility dependent on the application.

Designed to conform with EN1065, our Adjustable Props have a maximum load bearing capacity of 35kN and for added safety during installation, have retaining links on the pins and inner tubes. As standard, they are supplied with 150mm x150mm end plates but our Adjustable Props can also be used with U-heads to secure to needle beams.

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  • Available in 5 lengths varying from a closed height of 1070mm to an extended height of 4870mm
  • Maximum load bearing capacity: 35kN
  • Quick to install and no tools required
  • Lincoln Pin safely secures the load and doesn’t obstruct adjustment
  • Self clean threads, clean in both directions
  • U-head alternative available, allowing connection to needle beams.


  • Vertical Propping
  • Lightweight Building Propping
  • Soffits
  • Strongboy Needling
  • Back propping


  • Propping
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Standard Heights and Weights

Size Closed Height (m) Extended Height (m) Weight (kg)
0 1.07 1.82 14.7
1 1.75 3.12 21
2 1.98 3.35 24.2
3 2.59 3.95 26.3
4 3.2 4.87 30.5
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