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What are Trench Crossing Units?

Trench Crossing Units are short span bridging units providing temporary vehicular and pedestrian site access.

They are capable of carrying single vehicles conforming to the Construction and Use Regulations such as cars, buses and lorries up to 40 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight.

Why use Mabey’s Trench Crossing Units?

Part of the largest bridging offering in the UK, the rollover design provides minimal end depths, removing the need for ramping onto the unit. No on site assembly is required, simply lift into position direct from the delivery vehicle.

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Key benefits of Mabey’s Trench Crossing Units

  • Efficient installation - simple to install with no on site assembly required
  • Range of sizes - available in 3m, 4.5m and 6m lengths, with unlimited road widths using multiple units
  • Rollover design -  minimal end depths remove the need for ramping onto the unit
  • Edge protection - P4 compliant parapet edge protection available on 6.1m units
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Also available

TuffTrak V01


TuffTrak® is the ultimate heavy duty road mat, providing temporary access for heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles.

BarrierGuard V01

BarrierGuard 800

BarrierGuard 800 is a robust deformable steel safety barrier that stops errant vehicles.


EuroMat V01


EuroMat® is the premium manhandable access mat, providing an ideal temporary access solution on soft or sensitive ground.


Steel Road Plates V01

Steel Road Plates

Steel Road Plates provide temporary vehicular access over narrow trenches, small manholes and other smaller site obstacles.

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