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When Highways England engineers identified the need to replace part of the supporting concrete structure on a busy motorway bridge, Mabey’s engineers worked closely with the customer to come up with a creative solution to some unusual challenges so that repair work could go ahead.

Construction company Interserve were awarded the contract to replace one of the piers supporting the M62 Bridge over the A162 in Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire.

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Mabey supplied 52 tonnes of Superprop to prop the bridge on either side of the pier, so that the deteriorating concrete centre pier support could be removed and replaced by Interserve while the motorway remained open to traffic.

Phil Hames, Project Team Leader for the Mabey Contracts Team said “As well as the vertical loads from traffic travelling over the bridge, we had to take into consideration the horizontal collision load in the event of vehicles hitting the crash barrier and transferring the impact through the bridge deck beams.”

That meant planning for a potential 1,950 tonne load that the bridge deck beams, which had deteriorated load capacity, would not be able to support while the centre pier support was removed and replaced.

Working with Interserve, Phil, Project Engineer Andrew Ward and Engineering Technician Dave Nisbett worked through several solutions to the challenge before one was agreed by all parties involved.

Phil said: “The final solution to allow repairs to proceed was to fix underslung System 160 units in conjunction with Interserve’s temporary reinforced concrete diaphragm in order to stabilise the pre cast deck under full loading.”

With the solution agreed, the Mabey hydraulics team and site crew – headed up by Hydraulics Manager Neil Dutton and Site Manager Darren Bent – transferred the load to the Mabey props via jacking in August 2016 during night closures of the M62.

The pier was replaced over the following weeks and, in order to make sure the road below the M62 was open on schedule in time for Christmas, the same teams stayed on site to de-jack and dismantle the system.

Interserve’s Site Agent Lee Long said: “From working through a near unsolvable engineering problem with our Technical Services team, to de-mobbing the site in record time and giving us the programme confidence to complete the site before the Christmas break, Mabey contributed all they could to the success of the project.”

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