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In Merseyside, the Silver Jubilee Bridge was being used by over 80,000 vehicles every weekday – ten times the number that it was originally designed to accommodate.

A new infrastructure solution was desperately needed to provide relief from the significant traffic congestion experienced in the area. A multi-million-pound transport scheme was therefore established between Runcorn and Widnes across the River Mersey, requiring significant temporary works support in its delivery between 2014 and 2017.

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Mabey was contracted to provide temporary works supports for four out of the eight landside sections which create the approach to the bridge. This role was critical in supporting the bridge loads onto the permanent concrete piers, using temporary propping systems to transfer the load of the bridge.

To offer additional peace of mind, structural monitoring solutions were applied during the construction phase, through sophisticated systems which monitored movement and load.  These systems fed information back to LIVEsite, Mabey's dedicated web portal, ensuring that all project stakeholders were kept informed throughout.

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The three-and-a-half-year construction programme was completed ahead of time and below budget. And relief of traffic congestion using the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge was achieved faster than planned, in turn facilitating regeneration of the local area.

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