Pedestrian Bridges

Compact 200™ Pedestrian Bridge

The Compact 200™ (C200) Footbridge is a modular system that is quick and easy to assemble by hand or with light plant equipment.


Quick and easy to erect modular panel bridge
Can be assembled by hand or using light plant
Can be crane built or cantilever launched
Walkway widths up to 3.15m available

The C200 Pedestrian Bridge

Designed for temporary pedestrian applications, these galvanized footbridges are available in a range of different walkway widths from 2.1m to 3.15m. They feature steel mesh in-fill panels, which can be attached to the trusses for improved safety.

Pedestrian access can be direct from abutments or for bridges at height, via staircases or ramps.

Temporary pedestrian bridge over a railway line

Manufactured in the UK, this pedestrian bridge is ideal for the following applications:

  • Highways
  • Rail
  • Pipe/utility support bridging
  • Event bridging


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    • Module length (m)


      Carriageway Widths (m)



      Hot-dip galvanised: BS EN ISO 14713 & 1461 ASTM A123

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