ENERGYX2023: a chance to experience our immersive design technology and real-time monitoring insight

The Mabey Hire team are hitting the road! We’re looking forward to exhibiting at ENERGYx2023 in Edinburgh, the leading event for those in the Electricity Distribution and Transmission industries, and showcasing our range of temporary works solutions for the energy sector. 

With the fast-paced energy sector changing rapidly, suppliers need to be ready for the future with up-to-date and modern technologies - something we’re able to provide as a temporary works specialist. We will be showing off some of these solutions at the ENERGYx event in Edinburgh, taking place on the 27th April. 

On our stand we will be showcasing our intelligent environmental monitoring solution Enviroguard, ideal for helping contractors and engineers deliver considerate and environmentally-conscious construction, aligning with their individual ESG principles. Environmental monitoring can also be invaluable in demonstrating compliance with Section 61 applications and reducing risk out on site. Capable of monitoring a range of conditions and factors, including dust, noise and vibration levels, Enviroguard links directly to our unique web portal, Insite, allowing users to get access to their data in real-time from their desktop, mobile or tablet. 

Not only this, but we will also be demonstrating EVE – our immersive digital design software that utilises mixed reality technology. We’re excited to be able to introduce visitors to the capabilities of this software first-hand, with VR headsets on our stand ready for people to try out. This type of mixed reality technology is the future of temporary works, allowing users to explore and immerse themselves in the project before they even reach site. As well as offering value from a health and safety point of view, EVE can help aid greater collaboration and further streamline the design phase of temporary works. 

The ENERGYx event also provides us with a great opportunity to shout all about our STEM education programme. As engineers, we know how rewarding a career in engineering can be and so look to promote this and help inspire the younger generation, who may be considering a career in the sector. This ensures the future of not only the engineering sector, but also all the other connected industries.

You can also speak to our team about any of our other temporary works solutions, such as our propping and jacking equipment. So, why not visit our stand to find out more? We look forward to seeing you there on Stand 18.

Reserve your spot for the show, here.

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