Noise Action Week 2016 - 23rd to 28th May 2016

Noise Action Week is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK to support all services, agencies and groups involved in reducing the cost of noise to our health and quality of life.

The aim is to raise awareness of noise problems and the solutions available either by individual actions or through community services including council environmental health professionals and other professional and voluntary groups working in communities.

Mabey Hire’s activities have a lasting impact on urban and rural environments across the UK, and we recognise we have a responsibility to protect and sustain those environments for future generations. Mabey Hire is committed to protecting ecosystems that may be affected by our operations and work to minimise the impact of our business on air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna and people. We are committed to using renewable resources wherever practicable and are constantly exploring new ways for managing raw materials and water usage, and protecting biodiversity wherever we operate.

Noise Action Week provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of monitoring noise throughout the year to ensure compliance with not only company environmental policies but also current legislation. Through our specialist LIVE Instrumentation team, Mabey Hire offers the EnviroGuard and Boundary Guardian systems for monitoring noise, dust and many other environmentally sensitive factors. We are proud to offer the class-leading Casella CEL-63X Noise Meter which can be integrated into both systems or used as a hand-held device, giving the user flexibility for localised noise issues.

Find out more about the wide range of products and services provided by our LIVE Instrumentation team here

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