EnviroGuard - The Complete Environmental Monitoring Solution

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What is the EnviroGuard?

Mabey Hire’s EnviroGuard is the complete modular and scalable environmental monitoring system that provides real-time measurement of site conditions, in full compliance with section 61 planning restrictions. It’s a highly flexible system that is easily configured to customers’ needs.

We provide advanced sensors for every important environmental measure, and we work with you to configure the ideal system for your project. Your EnviroGuard data is also streamed wirelessly to our LIVEsite system so the moment anything changes, you’ll know about it. This includes email alerts should anything reach pre-set critical levels.

Why choose the EnviroGuard?

EnviroGuard is a fully-automated, stand-alone system so you’ll have more time to focus on important site management and control. It collects vital noise and dust data, and is compatible with a wide range of additional plug and play environmental monitoring sensors – so you need just one  unit for all of your environmental monitoring needs. The EnviroGuard can also provide static vibration monitoring in situations where the construction activity needs to be measured over a longer period.

Real-time reporting to LIVEsite means that engineers are immediately alerted should trigger and alert levels be breached, allowing appropriate action to be taken quickly.

The EnviroGuard is mCERTs accredited by the Environmental Agency – meeting stringent performance criteria including CEN, ISO and national standards.

What does the EnviroGuard monitor?

VibrationDust and airborne particulates (light scatter, cyclonic, PM10, PM2.5 & TSP)
Noise (Class 1 BS 61672-1:2013)Wind speed and direction
Barometric pressureRainfall (tipping bucket)
Temperature (internal, external, structural, concrete curing)pH levels
Flow rateWater pressure
Water levelVOCs (volatile organic compounds)
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Key features and benefits of the Mabey Hire EnviroGuard

  • Real-time measurements - fully-automated, real-time monitoring system
  • Instant, remote data access - data is instantly accessible via the secure Mabey Hire LIVEsite
  • System alerts - threshold breach alerts via email or through on-site audio visual system
  • Modular and scalable - the complete environmental monitoring solution
  • Industry certification - mCERTs for dust monitoring


  • Construction sites
  • Demolition areas
  • Section 61 compliance
  • Landfill and contaminated land gas monitoring
  • Boundaries (fence-line) at manufacturing sites
  • Weather monitoring
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Roadside traffic monitoring
  • Mining and blast areas
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We also offer a full range of portable, handheld environmental monitoring devices. Talk to Mabey Hire today to discuss your site’s requirements.

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