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What is Shaftbrace?

Shaftbrace is a strong, four-way hydraulic bracing system, giving very large clear working areas. Standard leg assemblies cover excavations from 1.8m to 12.2m sheet to sheet.

Why use Mabey’s Shaftbrace?

Shaftbrace is a flexible solution with bracing struts available to increase the lengths of the excavation.  Octagonal corner units are also available which enable 8-sided excavations to be constructed. It can be used in conjunction with our wide range of trench sheets and piling.

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Key benefits of Mabey’s Shaftbrace

  • Versatile - octagonal corner units also available
  • Flexible - bracing struts are available to increase the lengths of the excavation
  • Efficient - easy to install
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Clear Internal Dimensions (mm)Sheet to Sheet Dimensions (mm) Approx. Maximum Deflection per Waling (mm) Leg Weight (kg)
1305 to 9705 1805 to 1020574 to 333 270 to 775
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More information

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