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What are Trench Sheets?

Our range of trench sheets are designed to cover a wide spread of uses in both temporary and permanent works and are available to hire or buy.

The overlapping range can be used for a wide range of applications from digging and placing of short trench sheets in shallow excavations, to full driving in deep excavations.

The interlocking trench sheeting range can be used for applications ranging from shallow riverbank protection to deep, large area cofferdams.

Why use Mabey’s Trench Sheets?

All our trench sheeting sections have a top lifting hole. In addition, all sections (apart from the M6 profile) have a secondary lower hole for use with piling hammers and extractor safety chains.

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Key benefits of Mabey’s Trench Sheets

  • Variety of applications - designed to cover a wide spread of uses in both temporary and permanent works
  • Flexible - two types available; overlapping and interlocking
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Please refer to the associated Product User Guide / Data Sheet for full details including length availability.

Interlocking Sheets

SectionHireSaleThickness (mm)Height (mm) Effective Width (mm) Weight per Linear Metre (kg) Weight per Square Metre (kg)Elastic Section Modulus per Sheet (cm3)Technical Data Sheet
(limited quantity)
 3.55 38 40614.35 35.8420.48
PAL 3045 (M13) 4.590.566029.144.0109.0
Multilock 500/4 4.07552024.346.761.5 

Overlapping Sheets

SectionHireSalesThickness (mm)Height (mm) Effective Width (mm) Weight per Linear Metre (kg) Weight per Square Metre (kg)Elastic Section Modulus per Sheet (cm3)
M6  3.55 38 394 12.5 31.218.35
Multisheet 500/4 4.07548021.144.060.4
Multisheet 500/6 6.07548031.665.885.5

Hot Rolled Sheet Piles

SectionHireSaleThickness (mm)Height (mm)Effective Width (mm)Weight per Linear Metre (kg)Weight per Square Metre (kg)Elastic Section Modulus per Sheet (cm3)
NS-SP-J Silent Piles13.020060087.3145.0705.0
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More information

Call us on:

01924 588 757


Visit our Technical Library:

Find user guides, data sheets and more here

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Also available


Excavator Mounted Vibrators

Our EMVs are suitable for driving and extracting a range of Mabey sheeting and piling.


SheetGuard - Trench Sheet Edge Protection

High visibility, lightweight edge protection for the entire Mabey trench sheet range.




Universal trench sheet driving tool, eliminates the need for working at height.

Trench Sheet Extractors

Trench Sheet Extractors

Range of extractors for the safe and efficient removal of trench sheets and sheet piling.


Bracing Systems

Excavation Bracing Systems

Excavation bracing frames support the ground around foundation excavations.

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