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Real time monitoring – real time decisions

In today’s complex world of construction, our customers need immediate access to data to enable them to make quick, informed decisions.

Mabey Hire have a complete range of solutions for environmental and structural monitoring that can be designed, built and installed to any requirements.

What makes us different?

  • Comprehensive monitoring solution
    • Environmental monitoring – assurance and compliance to section 61 and 106 via our bespoke monitoring products either for fixed or portable applications
    • Structural monitoring – for assessment of condition  and structures, which can be combined with our temporary works structural support solutions
  • Cutting edge technology – gives our customers highly accurate measurement with real-time high precision information about structural or environmental effect
  • Real time insight 24/7 – via remote access to our LIVESite data portal with customised user interface and in-built alert capabilities
  • Engineering experience and expertise – our monitoring team have accumulated decades of experience in every type of monitoring solution. They also have the expertise across the wider temporary works sector to help design the best solution
  • Bespoke solutions designed and installed – every monitoring solution is designed and built in-house to individual requirements and installed by our expert teams
  • Total Solutions – our customers can take advantage of our complete temporary works offer and engineering expertise by combining a monitoring solution with the design, supply and installation of our groundworks, propping and jacking and other products and services.

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Real time insight in action

Protecting structural integrity in
complex infrastructure projects

Tunnelling in London presents many complex engineering challenges. With a maze of existing tunnels, sewers, utilities and building foundations to navigate, even drilling a hole a few millimetres from where it should be can be catastrophic.

When this degree of accuracy is required, real-time monitoring allows any issues to be responded to quickly, safely and efficiently, enabling work to go ahead as planned, without affecting the integrity of surrounding structures.

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The Challenge

With more than 100,000 passengers using Bank underground station every day, Dragados carried out three major operations for TfL. This included the construction of a 570-metre-long tunnel and platform for the southbound Northern Line, converting the existing tunnel into additional circulation space and the construction of an additional tunnel to house two moving walkways.

Directly beside one of the worksites sits a multi-storey building — the 33 King William Street development — which has a full glass facade. With the building foundations sitting so close to excavation work, even movement of one-and-a-half millimetres could jeopardise the building glass exterior.

Our Solution

As with any new construction works, movement can and will happen below ground. However, Mabey and Dragados developed a mitigation system which allowed works to be carried out safely adjacent to the building. Accurate real-time monitoring of the height and position of the existing building columns of 33 King William Street ensured that any movement resulting from the tunnelling work never exceeded set parameters. Any vertical movement of the building from activity below ground was controlled by a series of hydraulic jacks, while horizontal movement was managed by electric screw jacks.

In the event of any small movements, a jacking system returned the columns to their original position.
Using tilt-sensors to measure this, both teams were notified immediately if any movement did occur.

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More examples of our real time monitoring

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