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We have a wealth of experience across the utility sectors, from water, telecommunications, through to gas & electricity and nuclear.

We work with our customers to help deliver hundreds of utility projects, from huge groundwork projects on nuclear sites & large scale civil projects for the water sector, through to formwork and bridging to help connect vital gas and electricity services. 

Helping deliver better utilities throughout the UK

Our teams are experienced at providing utilities temporary works solutions for the construction of chambers, tank installations, and pipe runs, as well as many others. We can provide temporary earthwork support systems, but also the formwork to allow the construction of your permanent works too. 

We often work in partnership with key clients and contractors across the UK, as part of framework agreements to help build and maintain key services. By understanding the project needs, we can use our skills and our digital capability to help plan the temporary works and can work hand in hand throughout the project phases even down to installation of temporary works solutions and removal off-site.


Our groundworks' standard solutions are ideal for the smaller works in this sector, and can provide a quick solution, saving time and money. These can be issued to your temporary works department, to allow your own engineers to call off a pre-designed solution, subject to your engineer answering a few questions on site conditions. Ideal for when the unexpected happens! 

And if the unexpected does happen, we are here to help.  We are always on call with our 24/7 emergency response. 

Water, Rivers and Canals

We help our customers deliver essential water and wastewater infrastructure throughout the UK, to ensure water supplies and waste water treatment is improved. We can provide solutions for deep chambers, sewer overflows and pumping stations or falsework and formwork solutions for raised inlet works.

Whether this is large infrastructure investment, new rural treatment services or just planned maintenance, we can help. We can also help with the challenge of managing our flood and coastal defences and our network of canals and rivers.

From delivering temporary bridges to ensure site access or reconnect communities from flood damage, providing a temporary support for undermined services, to our temporary groundworks such as our trench sheets or trench boxes for laying piping – we can help. Our emergency response is also there to provide solutions to anything from burst piping to major flooding.

Gas, Electricity and Nuclear

We work across the UK to support vital gas, electricity networks and help deliver our nuclear infrastructure. Our services and equipment have helped deliver vital network maintenance and new investment that ensures our customers can renew and expand vital services. 

Our expert teams are helping deliver engineered solutions to solve key challenges often in built up areas and sensitive locations. We use our design skills and previous experience to often remove likely problems before they occur on-site and reduce the impact of any work on local communities.  

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