Bracing frames and struts for excavations

Bracing frames and struts for excavations

Discover Excavation Bracing Systems
Quick, easy solution for shoring of trench runs

Quick, easy solution for shoring of trench runs

Discover Trench Boxes
Allowing increased health and safety on site

Allowing increased health and safety on site

Discover ShoreSafe
Overlapping and interlocking trench sheets

Overlapping and interlocking trench sheets

Discover Trench Sheeting & Light Piling

Temporary Groundworks

Getting it right in groundworks is fundamental to successful construction and infrastructure projects. The right design and implementation saves time, removes safety risks and lowers costs.

Mabey Hire has decades of experience designing and implementing temporary groundworks schemes and systems, large and small, for customers ranging from contractors to major infrastructure organisations.

With the largest fleet of groundworks hire equipment available, located conveniently close to your needs, and a fast and accurate engineering design service, we help you deliver your projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

We also provide a range of groundworks monitoring solutions, which cover structural and environmental requirements, including trench sheet piling, excavation bracing systems, trench boxes and more.

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Excavation Bracing Systems

Excavation Bracing Systems support the ground around foundation excavations to...

Trench Boxes

Trench boxes are used for rapid shoring of trench runs....

Trench Sheeting and Light Piling

Trench sheets and light piling are used to support the...


Site safety has never been a higher priority. The Mabey...

Auxiliary Products

Our extensive range of groundworks equipment is complemented by a...

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What is groundworks in construction?

Groundworks in construction is the term used to describe work to prepare the ground on which buildings and infrastructure are then built. This is the first stage of construction, and are core part of the broader temporary works element of construction. Often groundworks involve excavation, including supporting – or bracing – the sides of an excavation, and the associated system that help people and equipment safely enter and exit the excavation.

Excavations can be shallow, for instance for a house, or very deep for a skyscraper, or long, for utility pipes.

Mabey Hire’s engineers also have the skills and equipment to design and provide cofferdams and caissons which are watertight structures that hold back water so that work can be done on the foundations for bridges, piers, dams and other buildings surrounded by water.

Benefits to using Mabey Hire:

  • Fast, efficient and local service from our 17 depots across the UK
  • Efficiency assured with our comprehensive range of safety, excavation shoring and bracing products available for your requirements
  • Expertise available with an on request full scheme design service
  • UK’s largest supplier of temporary works equipment
  • 25,000t of groundworks equipment available for rapid deployment in the UK
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“The customer Product Specialist provided not only useful but invaluable design input to install the frame to what was a revised cofferdam. Very impressed and would recommend in future.”

Stevan Foster, Project Manager, ABCO Marine Ltd.

"Mabey Hire worked with our site team and temporary works department to provide a viable solution which met our design requirements and site constraints. They were able to supply all equipment within a tight timeframe and provided us with technical support during the installation of the systems."

Tom Curran, Structures Sub-Agent and Temporary Works Coordinator, Skanska

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