Things to consider when choosing environmental monitoring solutions

Choosing an environmental site monitoring solution is a big decision. Every site has different requirements, so you need to ensure that the solution you choose works for you.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of three things to consider when choosing your environmental site monitoring system.

1. Which sensors do you need?

Aside from noise and dust data, you may need to gather additional measurements specific to each site, as the construction work that is being undertaken may affect the environment in different ways. Vibration monitoring is often specified by local planners, but they could also require you to measure wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, temperature, pH levels, flow rate, water pressure, water level, VOCs and gases. If you are likely to require multiple environmental measurements, a modular system will allow you to add sensors as necessary – and avoid the need for multiple measuring devices.

2. Do you require long-term or spot monitoring?

Spot monitoring with handheld devices may be ideal for sites in less populated areas. However, most sites will require long-term monitoring throughout the duration of a construction project. By constantly measuring the environmental conditions you will also have a full record of factors onsite, ensuring you are protected against potential claims – which might save you money in the long run.

3. Will you need to access your data off-site?

Whilst some site managers are happy to download data onsite straight from the monitoring device, it might be more convenient to choose a system that wirelessly (and instantly) transfers data to an online portal, allowing you to access your data remotely. Some systems are also able to send alerts when pre-set limits are breached, giving you complete peace of mind that you can take action as soon as things start to change.

Mabey offers the EnviroGuard as a complete, modular and scalable environmental site monitoring solution. It gathers noise and dust data, and it is compatible with a wide range of other ‘plug and play’ sensors which can be added as required.

Featuring instant, remote data transfer to the unique Mabey Insite, the system keeps a constant record of your site’s environmental measurements which you can access anytime, anywhere – with emails alerts when pre-set levels are breached. For spot monitoring requirements, we also offer a range of handheld environmental monitoring solutions.

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