Welcome to MyConstruct, the home of standard solutions from Mabey Hire.

This online tool provides pre-engineered designs for low risk, groundworks excavations. Our expert engineers have come up with over 700 of the most popular project designs. Simply answer a series of questions about your project, and if it is suitable and of sufficiently low risk to benefit from a pre-engineered solution., your design will be available to download straight away.

Our pre-engineered solutions are all created as Standard Solutions as defined in BS5975:2019 section 13.10 and so are only available for simple, low-risk projects using our groundworks equipment such as manhole braces, trench boxes and shields in a very specific manner and with strict limitations.​ We can currently offer standard solutions for two, three and four-sided excavations from 1.5m to 6.5m in length and width and up to 3m deep.

If there are any doubts about the limitations of the solution or how those might apply to your project – you should always seek a full temporary works design from our engineers.)

Before we get going with the project specification, let’s start with a few details about yourself.

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