Superprop is one of our high load propping systems with integrated adjustment and hydraulic pre-load and lifting ability.


Maximum load bearing capacity: 1950kN
Props are available in 6 lengths from 50-3048mm
Compatible with our Mass range of propping systems
Compatible with our hydraulic jacks for pre-loading or lifting operations

Our Superprop system

Superprop combines the flexibility of an off-the-shelf solution with high load capacities and is widely used for the support and lifting of bridge decks and heavy loads.

It has unique pinned joints, making the system quick to assemble and provides a load capacity of up to 1950kN.

Propping lifting a bridge temporarily


  • Heavy Duty Vertical Propping
  • Heavy Duty Horizontal Shoring
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Hydraulic Propping


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