The Ischebeck Titan® propping system is made from extruded aluminium, making it one of the lightest props on the market.


Maximum load bearing capacity: 100kN
Available in one size with a working range of 1700-2900mm
4 continuous slots allow ledger frames to be fitted quickly and securely
Leg extensions available, giving an increased height of 500mm

The Titan Prop

The Titan Prop is an ideal solution for standalone propping, such as, back propping and basement support works and is compatible with the needle beams within both our System 160 and Mass 10 systems.

Weighing just 18kg, the Titan Prop can be easily lifted on site without the use of machinery, whilst also having an impressive load bearing capacity of 100kN.

Titan Prop lifting and temporary supporting an interior floor in a building


  • Vertical Propping
  • Deadshoring


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    • Length (mm)


      Weight (kg)

    • Length (mm)


      Weight (kg)

    • Length (mm)


      Weight (kg)

    • Length (mm)


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