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Temporary Access & Roadways

Keeping people and heavy equipment on stable and secure grounds makes for a quicker, safer and better working area. Our range of temporary roads, trench crossing units and matting make the perfect temporary surface for heavy-duty roads or work and staging areas, no matter what the ground condition.

Temporary road mats for ground protection being used by a HGV

Our Temporary Access solutions

Our range of temporary ground protection can be used for events for pedestrian or vehicle access, or during the construction phase of a site to protect the ground and provide a stable surface.

Our mats interlock to provide a stable surface for site access and are perfect for any unstable ground conditions. They distribute weight evenly across the surface, reducing the impact to the ground beneath.

In addition, we have our Trench Crossing Units that are short span bridges to provide temporary pedestrian and vehicle access over obstacles such as small streams.

About our Roadways solutions

We have a range of solutions to support our UK roads.

Our steel road plates that can provide temporary vehicle access over smaller site obstacles, whilst our Roadforms provide a fast and efficient means of edging when creating concrete roads and pathways.

Steel road plate

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